Stop Secret Contracts:

Every day governments around the world spend more than $26 billion of public money through contracts with private corporations. However, the details of who gets this money and for what is often kept in secret, helping to conceal fraud, waste and corruption. For more please click here.

Open Contract Partnership:

This initiative is taken up by Open Contracting partnership organisation based in Africa. It’s a bold shift in the global default of public contracting and procurement from closed to open is possible. In our strategy, we lay out how we are driving that transformation. But we can’t do this alone. This is why we look forward to working and engaging with partners globally. Join us at the cutting edge of open government and help find out where the money and the power are. For more please click here.

Procurement Monitor, Nigeria:

PPDC is recognized as one of the most active organizations in Nigeria that has utilized the Freedom of Information Act, 2011 to drive the demand and supply of publicly held information; especially towards ensuring better efficiency in the delivery of public services. It works on Procurement issues as well. It established Public Procurement Observatory in Nigeria. For more please click here.